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See my CV here.

Working Papers (Please contact me regarding manuscripts of on-going research)

Ge, X.*, Xu, C.*, Markus, H.R. & Tsai, J.L. Reimagining the ideal artificial intelligence through an exploration of different cultural models of the self and the environment.
* indicates shared lead authorship and close collaboration.

Xu, C., Jago, A.S., & Flynn, F.J. Algorithmic decision-making undermines perceptions of communal culture.

Xu, C.*, Ge, X.*, Markus, H.R. & Tsai, J.L. Mapping an emerging research field about culture and smart technology.

Xu, C. Reimagining social media as shared place-making.

Work in Progress

Integrate Earth ethics into smart technological developments through cultural expressions and practices. With Xiao Ge and students.

Build the Chinese version of SentiStrength for sentiment analysis of short texts in Chinese. With Jeanne L. Tsai and students.

A theory of felt structure in life and subjective well-being. With Brian S. Lowery

Papers based on Previous Projects

Xu, C., Ge, X., Furue, N., Misaki, D., Markus, H.R. & Tsai, J.L. (In print). Design the future with emotion: crucial cultural perspectives. Springer Design Thinking Research.​ [pdf]

Ge, X., Xu, C., Furue, N., Misaki, D., Lee, C., & Markus, H.R. (2022). The cultural construction of creative
problem solving: a critical reflection on creative design thinking, teaching, and learning. Springer
Design Thinking Research.

Flynn, F.J. & Xu, C. (2022). A rising tide lifts all boats: People confer status on their in-group members
when group performance increases. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. [pdf]

Xu, C. (2021). Central values as constraints: situational accessibility of central values predicts exploration. Dissertation work advised by Brian S. Lowery. Stanford University. [pdf]


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