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Papers (Please contact me regarding manuscripts of on-going research)

Ge, X.*, Xu, C.*, Markus, H.R. & Tsai, J.L. Cultural variations in how people conceive of artificial intelligence.
* indicates shared authorship.

Xu, C., Jago, A.S., & Flynn, F.J. The cultural impact of algorithms in organizations.

Xu, C. Ge, X. Understanding a sense of place in the digital environment.

Work in Progress

From anthropocentric to ecological culture models of agency. With Xiao Ge and students.

A theory of felt structure in life and subjective well-being. With Brian S. Lowery

Papers based on Previous Projects

Xu, C., Ge, X., Furue, N., Misaki, D., Markus, H.R. & Tsai, J.L. (In print). Design the future with emotion: crucial cultural perspectives. Springer Design Thinking Research.​ [pdf]

Ge, X., Xu, C., Furue, N., Misaki, D., Lee, C., & Markus, H.R. (2022). The cultural construction of creative
problem solving: a critical reflection on creative design thinking, teaching, and learning. Springer
Design Thinking Research.

Flynn, F.J. & Xu, C. (2022). A rising tide lifts all boats: People confer status on their in-group members
when group performance increases. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. [pdf]

Xu, C. (2021). Central values as constraints: situational accessibility of central values predicts exploration. Dissertation work advised by Brian S. Lowery. Stanford University. [pdf]


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